Lose yourself in the wonders on display in the numerous rooms, get in touch with an extraordinary past and long to acquire it…

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Place for events

Immerse yourself in a dreamlike atmosphere in which to create your own unforgettable events. This is also the magic of Thais….

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Furniture rental

For stagings, photo shoots and film sets, a wide selection of furniture and objects, even for short periods…

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Marco Polo - "The Travels of Marco Polo" "... you have to know, it is the most beautiful palace that has ever existed. The roof is prestigious and the walls of the palace are entirely covered with gold and silver. They are also adorned with dragons, animals and birds, knights and idols.

Zàel offers original antique oriental furniture and home accessory creations, masterfully interpreted by Elisabetta Zanin, designer and creator of a new, syncretic style.